Hearing Solutions

Physician-Guided Hearing Care

hearing-solutions-atlanta-hearing-instituteWhen you need to improve your ability to hear and communicate, you should see a hearing doctor first. Our board-certified physicians and audiologists conduct state-of-the-art hearing evaluations. We determine the nature of your hearing loss to see if a hearing instrument is appropriate for you. In many cases, minor surgery, earwax removal or some other treatment can solve the problem. If a hearing aid, implantable device, or assistive technology is the option for you, we’ll recommend a hearing device that fits your budget, needs and lifestyle. Also, we consider it our priority to help you preserve your hearing. We consider hearing conservation an integral part of managing your hearing needs. Our full-service audiology and hearing technology services include:

* Comprehensive hearing exams for adults and children

* State of the art diagnostic equipment:

  • Computer based audiometry using recorded speech files for precise measurements
  • Large sound booths with fun toys and lights for testing the hearing abilities of babies, toddlers, and young children
  • Otoacoustic emissions tests to assess hearing nerve ending function in newborns who fail hospital hearing screenings and ototoxicity monitoring in adults and children facing chemotherapy
  • Videonystagmography (VNG) to assess dizziness

* Hearing aid consultations personalized for your individual communication needs
* Digital hearing aids from leading manufacturers including Phonak and Oticon
* Implantable hearing solutions including BAHA, Cochlear Implants, and Maxum
* In-office hearing aid cleanings and repairs
* Hearing aid care products including batteries, cleaning supplies, and dehumidifiers available for purchase
* Assistive Listening Devices such as TV ears and amplified telephones/alarm clocks
* Custom hearing and ear protection including swim plugs and solutions appropriate for hunters, musicians, and those that work (or play!) in noisy environments
* Canalith repositioning maneuvers to treat Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
* Electronic medical records and email appointment reminders make communication with patients and other professionals easy and efficient

Personal Solutions that Work

We understand that hearing loss is individual and can affect people differently. We specialize in assessing your communication needs and recommend technology that meets those demands. We love working with patients of all ages. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.